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Lounge furniture like most other new products has to be “worn in”. Just as your shoes or car – it is a little “stiff” when it leaves the factory. That means everything will become softer, cushions will develop comfort creases with use in your home.

Here are a few points that will help you to understand and appreciate your new furniture.
Timber Care

Timber, being a natural product comes alive through its subtle colour shades and grain variations. As the trees, which produce the timber, are all different, it also means that no one piece of furniture will look exactly like another. Timber will mature and mellow with age – It usually becomes a little darker.

Our finish consists of many coats of sealers and lacquers – all hand-rubbed to achieve a smooth, satin-like finish. The areas in constant contact with your hand, e.g., armrests, may become a little shinier with age than other areas. You should clean your timber furniture with a warm damp cloth as required,

Do not use proprietary cleaners with silicon ingredients as that will Increase the gloss level on the timber.

Leather Care

Leather will stretch and develop creases and wrinkles over time as it used. Our Leather is 100% cowhide and is therefore a completely natural product – like timber – which sets it apart from other artificial materials with its growth marks, whip scars and grain variation.

Keep your furniture away from direct heating sources and also direct sunlight. This will reduce the risk of the leather drying out. Keep the leather pores free from dust particles by vacuum cleaning regularly.

Wipe the leather with a soft damp cloth every 2 – 3 weeks. In addition, clean the leather with a proprietary brand “soft cleaner” such as Leather Master or Pelle as required.

In order to retain the softness and attractiveness of your leather furniture, it is recommended that a “Leather Cream” be applied as required. The frequency of application depends on the environment that the furniture is in but no more than 2 – 3 times per year.

Vinyl Care

Wash with mild detergent and water solution (10% detergent / 90% water) . Use a soft bristle brush for stubborn soil. Rinse and dry.

Please be aware that some household cleaners, solvents and disinfectants can remove  the plasticizers from vinyl, making it brittle and cause it to dry out and crack. Abrasive cleaners can also scratch the smooth surface.

Sometimes letting a mild detergent solution stand on surface and “soak” a few minutes loosens soil build up.

Vinyl cleaners sold in furniture stores or auto stores help clean stubborn soil on vinyl upholstery. Vinyl upholstery will absorb stains and dye from fabrics that crock or bleed (like blue jeans on white vinyl or bright prints that bleed). A vinyl protective finish, sold at some stores, helps protect upholstery and resists or retards absorption of stains.

Fabric Care

The care required for upholstery fabrics can vary according to its composition. All pieces of Furniture upholstered in Fabric will have the appropriate Care Label permanently attached.

In general though, all fabric upholstery should be vacuumed regularly using light suction, reversible cushions should be rotated regularly and they should be protected from direct sunlight.

Electric Lift & Recliner Chairs

These imported Chairs have an internal steel mechanism that requires some regular maintenance. It is recommended that every 3 to 6 months, the Chair be turned over and a general lubricant spray be applied to the movable parts on the Chair & Footstool frame. This will reduce any noises and clunkiness caused by dryness within the mechanism.

General Use

Sit in your upholstered furniture in the manner for which it has been designed. Do not perch on arms or front edge of the seat.

Footstools also, (particularly where the cushion is supported by a canvas sling) are designed solely as footstools rather than an extra seat for suites.

Do not allow your children to use your furniture to demonstrate their gymnastic abilities.



In addition to all rights and remedies in respect of the product, which the consumer has under the Trade, Practices Act and other State and Territory Laws. Tessa Furniture carries the following Warranty:

Construction of woodwork is warranted for ten years under normal domestic use and care. Tessa upholstery cover materials are warranted for two years against wear but not against soiling, fading, wrinkling, creasing or improper cleaning. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from negligence, misuse or accidents. Fabrics and leathers other than Tessa Fabrics and Leathers are expressly excluded from this warranty.